Scrap HS2 and help keep our buses and trains going

Thursday, 16th June

hs2 site CNJ Image 2020-06-25 at 11.52.50 (17)

HS2 construction site in Euston

• ISN’T it disgraceful that this government (with the opposition’s approval) are spending £116billion plus of taxpayers’ money on the discredited, white elephant, gravy train, HS2, which we all now know will only benefit billionaires, oligarchs, and the PMs’ greedy pals?

Yet they are such miserly skinflints, wanting to keep the money all to themselves, that they won’t even give a pittance back for the buses; which is what the people really want and need, (‘Absolutely shocking’: Transport for London announce plans to cut bus routes, June 1).

Especially with Pinocchio, I mean the prime minister, complaining about people not going back to work post Covid – but how will we get there without the buses?

So why don’t we take away all the gas-guzzling ministerial cars, planes, boats, etc, that the government would argue they need for work, and see how they like it!

And has anyone noticed the sinister silence about HS2, and the fact that most of the country don’t realise that they have to pay for it?

Some MPs have, and are still calling for HS2 to be scrapped. And why is it that HS2 is not included in the cost of living crisis? After all we all have to pay for that too.

There’s still time to scrap HS2. And use a tiny fraction of that money to keep our essential buses on the roads and trains running.


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