So where is the action plan on the cost of living crisis?

Friday, 10th June

Boris apologies

Boris Johnson narrowly saved a no confidence vote

• WHILE Boris Johnson is narrowly saved, in a no confidence vote, his popularity is surely at an all time low.

Meanwhile millions of people are left with increased fuel bills and rising costs for travelling to work, while wages remain static and in real terms declining, with a dramatic increase in prices of shopping essentials.

Others are on casualised contracts and face huge rents in the private rented sector,with little extra opportunity or income to save money.

Where is the Conservative government’s action plan on the cost of living crisis? There does not seem to be any.

Perhaps central to this is the Tory ideological obsession of leaving everything to the “free market” as if we can climb out of such a crisis without any intervention from central government.

However there is an alternative. The Trades Union Congress have organised a massive national march and rally demonstration to take place on Saturday June 18, gathering at Portland Place, W1.

As this will be a huge protest, trade unions and community groups will be gathering at Portland Place from 11am with the march expected to depart at noon.

If you have never been on a march before, think of attending with a group of friends. Or if you are going on your own, remember you will not be alone. Just get talking to others.

The TUC march has the full support of Islington group of Labour councillors, local Labour Party, Islington TUC, local union branches of Unison, GMB, Unite and the teachers’ National Education Union, and community groups including Islington Homes for All.

There will be a gathering of Islington Labour Party and other trade unions assembling at 11.15am (please come earlier) at Highbury & Islington station and going on to central London from there.

We need to come together to demand a better plan to solve the cost of living crisis from a Conservative government who are clearly out of touch.

Labour, Tollington ward

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