Spend a penny on a park loo, council told

Grandparents lead calls for action over lack of toilets

Friday, 15th July — By Anna Lamche

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Paradise Park

ISLINGTON has been urged to open public toilets in a well-used neighbourhood park, as families warn children and wildlife are being put at risk.

Charlotte Cook is among a group of grandparents calling for the council to take immediate action to remedy the lack of toilets in Paradise Park, Holloway.

“It’s impacting everyone that has children or grand­children,” Ms Cook said. “I’m a grandma and we take our children and grandchildren to the park and they are unable to use the toilets.

“You find men and women are actually using the bushes as toilets, It’s absolutely disgusting.”

The park does not currently have public toilets, but the park keeper has a staff toilet, based within the keeper’s hut.

Over the years, it has become unofficial practice to allow members of the public to use this toilet while the park keeper is on site.

But Ms Cook said the toilet has recently been out of order, a loss keenly felt by those who regularly use the park.

“It does limit the time [you can spend at the park], especially for elderly people with their grandchildren,” she said.

“I’m in the park every day – if I’m not there with my grandkids, I take my dog over there. I use the park religiously.”

She said she often sees adults who are using the field to play sports “urinating in the trees and ­bushes”.

She said: “We’ve got an amazing wildlife park, where there are wild­flowers. You’ve got the peace garden right next to the children’s play area, where you’re getting adults go in for a pee now. It’s not very hygienic.”

Ms Cook suggested neighbours will begin a campaign if the council does not take action.

Another grandmother, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “In this modern day, Highbury has a toilet, Whittington has a toilet – it’s a basic human right to be able to use the toilet.”.

An Islington Council spokesperson said: “We’re grateful to Paradise Park users for their valuable feedback, and will take this on board as we continue to work to improve Islington’s parks and green spaces.

“We’re aware of the importance of toilet facilities in parks, and the benefits that they bring.

“Due to budgetary constraints, the council would need to secure extra funding to make the introduction of public toilets in Paradise Park possible. In the meantime, the council will work with local people and partners to find alternative solutions.”

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