Subsidies are necessary to maintain public transport

Friday, 24th June

Islington Greens - Talia Hussain Jenni Chan and Caroline Russell at Highbury

Islington Green Party’s Talia Hussain, Jenni Chan and Caroline Russell at Highbury & Islington station, showing solidarity with striking rail workers

• SO we have the rail union, the RMT, forced to take industrial action to protect the train and tube services on which so many of us rely, while plans are being hatched to cull our bus network.

See the connection? It lies with a government which once again shows that it says one thing and does the opposite.

Trains and buses are the means of transport that allow people to get out of their cars. Fewer car journeys mean less polluted cities, less carbon heating up our planet, and a safer and altogether more agreeable urban space.

This will hardly be achieved while government attacks the subsidies that other countries such as France and Germany realise are necessary to maintain decent public transport services.

And then they attack the transport workers – who so recently were hailed as heroes for keeping things going during Covid-19 – by seeking to make them poorer by refusing realistic wage demands.

Islington Green Party

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