The census? Count me out

Thursday, 11th March 2021

• THE imminent census is being promoted on the basis that it will help the provision of public services.

What hypocrisy! After more than 200 years of the census, this country still lacks fair and sufficient services for everyone; we don’t need a census to tell us that.

We know which school buildings are leaking and which medical treatments are only available to private patients; we know which libraries and post offices have been closed; we know the government has cut the number of hospital beds and nurses; we know council houses have been sold off.

The census is not about providing more services, it’s about helping the rich to better ration services for the rest of us.

Combine that with the collection of information on ethnic background and belief (more reminiscent of a census in Nazi Germany), the lack of security of use of an online system, and the collation of information being undertaken by an arms company, and it’s obvious why the census should be boycotted.

I’m happy to announce I will, as I have, without comeback, on the last five occasions, be refusing to co-operate with this census.


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