The debate over voting systems is hardly new!

Friday, 10th June

• THE June 3 letter from Martin Plaut gives a range of worst problems from PR, proportional
representation, systems for national elections all of which can be solved by detailed discussions, (Proportional representation systems are problematic, June 2).

PR systems have been discussed for over 100 years in this country so the solutions are known; but PR would not be introduced without political backing and there’s no certainty about what would be agreed in advance.

The Labour Party introduced a party list system for the London Assembly, Welsh and Scottish Assemblies. Are those structures all over-run by left or right extremists?

Would that be preferred to a STV, single transferable vote, system? Both systems use constituencies but they have to be larger constituencies than we use at present.

Forget about worst cases like Israel or South Africa. We need a serious discussion about PR and not politicians in big parties shutting the discussion down in order to maintain their own influence.


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