The Green Party is now an opposition group

Friday, 20th May

Greens_Ernestas Armstrong-Jegorova Caroline Russell and Benalid Hamdache

Islington’s Green Party opposition group of councillors: Ernestas Jegorovas-Armstrong, Caroline Russell and Benali Hamdache

• POLITICS on Islington Council have had their biggest change in nearly a decade.

On May 5 voters elected the first actual group of opposition councillors to sit in the town hall since 2014.

As those newly-elected Green councillors, we are incredibly grateful to the thousands of residents who supported us in Highbury and voted our party into second place across the borough as a whole.

Thank you!

We are also thankful for Cllr Caroline Russell’s hard work as the only elected non-Labour councillor for the last eight years. As just a solo councillor she has achieved a remarkable amount.

— Exposing millions wasted on unsafe fire doors.

— Winning campaigns on reducing the burden of council tax on the poorest.

— Working with the community and campaigners to get a climate emergency declared.

As a team of three Green councillors we are incredibly excited about how much more we can now do.

The council is also relearning what having an opposition group means. Forgotten bits of the constitution are having to be unearthed.

Negotiations are being had about which rights and responsibilities our group has. Once the dust has settled it will also mean there is a more healthy balance on the council again and more independent scrutiny and challenge of decisions on the council.

And there is an urgent need for more scrutiny, getting the voices of those being let down heard.

From residents still stuck in neglected, damp or mouldy council homes to the borough’s poorest struggling with the cost of living crisis to the older residents the council wants to evict from Sotheby Mews day centre, we will champion people’s needs and challenge our council to be more ambitious and do better.

Green Party, Highbury ward

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