The May 5 vote has given a seal of approval to low traffic neighbourhoods

Friday, 13th May

• THERE we have it, by electing the pro-LTN, low traffic neighbourhood Labour and Green party candidates, the voters of Islington have given an overwhelming seal of approval to introduction of LTNs despite all the bilious nonsense spewed out on social media.

The opponents of the LTNs might now wish to reflect long and hard on some of the offensive slurs that have been cast on those who have supported the LTNs, on their opportunistic untruths, and on their ludicrous, unsubstantiated claims in their attempts to overturn the LTNs.

I suspect in the great majority of cases, these untruths and ludicrous claims have been promoted by those only mildly inconvenienced by the introduction of the LTNs.

The result is a great compliment to the work of Cllr Rowena Champion who, along with the council officers responsible for the planning of the LTNs, has tenaciously and robustly guided their very successful implementation in Islington.


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