The NHS deserves better

Thursday, 2nd July 2020


• WERE you sickened as I was by the sight of government ministers clapping the carers on Thursday nights, trying to join a celebration of the people who care for us and whose very lives the government, through its incompetence, had put at greater risk?

They delayed lockdown, failed to provide PPE to those who needed it, discharged 25,000 vulnerable people into care homes without testing them for Covid-19, and have provided a test, trace and isolate system which is not fit for purpose.

Please do not be fooled by their reiteration of the mantra that “we are all in this together”.

On July 5, the 72nd birthday of the NHS, health campaigners are organising a nationwide online rally at 3.30pm to gather together those who are genuine supporters of the NHS and social care.

After earlier cutbacks and privatisation had left us woefully ill-prepared, the Covid pandemic then saw delays, incompetence, and an unbelievable lack of any coherent or adequate overall strategy. As a result, shamefully, Britain has one of the highest numbers of deaths from Covid-19 in the world.

The figures also demonstrate the gross inequalities in British society, with people from BAME communities and other vulnerable people shockingly at the sharp end.

Meanwhile the government is cementing private provision in the NHS, for example paying £45million to SERCO – a huge private company with a dismal record of running public services – to run the crucial track and trace programme. And behind the scenes there are plans for greater centralised control and reduction of meaningful public consultation about changes.

The NHS deserves better than this.

Join us in a massive, nationwide online rally at 3.30pm on July 5, organised by Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together.

Our demands include: to rebuild the NHS and social care systems, ensuring they are properly funded and staff are properly paid; to end racism in the NHS and remove any migrant charges; to ensure the NHS is not part of any trade deal; to undo the damage caused by the government’s shredding of public health provision; and to radically reform social care.

Put the date in your diary now, and help us say Our NHS Deserves Better!

For more information and a link to live streaming on Facebook or YouTube, visit

Executive Member,
Keep Our NHS Public

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