There are cyclists behaving badly

Friday, 14th January

Cycling bike

‘A significant number of cyclists are a menace’

• CYCLISTS have been vocal in promoting their cause – even more so recently.

However there is a significant number of them who are a menace to other users of the roads and pavements.

In my 30 years of walking to work, it is a common occurrence to witness such bad behaviour.

For example, the other evening I was nearly hit by a cyclist with no lights, dressed all in black, who was passing the wrong way through a no-entry junction.

As he sped past me, he shouted “No brakes” as if that would excuse his recklessness.

Last week, a teenage child of a friend was knocked to the ground by a cyclist jumping a red light. As others helped him, she cycled away without a word.

Until such time that the cycling lobby puts its own house in order, an uneasy tension will persist and the advancement of its cause will be fettered.

Cloudesley Road, N1

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