Tree crashes down on car in Highbury

Friday, 10th June — By Anna Lamche

Tree crashes on car

A “HUGE” tree fell in Highbury this week, narrowly missing a woman who was pushing her baby in a pram.

Gary Dixon, of Stage One Scaffolding, had “just pulled up on a job” in Highbury Park on Tuesday when he saw the tree swaying dangerously in the breeze.

“As I turned there was a woman pushing a pram with a baby in it. I saw her walking under the tree just as it started falling,” Mr Dixon said. “She was very, very lucky – a car saved her life.”

The tree landed on a VW Beetle, creating a space for the woman to duck into. “The car was completely smashed,” Mr Dixon said. “It was a write-off. It was written on her face that she had a lucky escape.”

An Islington Council spokesperson said: “A council tree service team attended within the hour to clear the tree away from the house and unblock the road.

“The tree was located on privately-owned land, so the landowner has duty of care and is responsible for the management and maintenance of all trees located there.”

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