Voters have embraced the roll-out of people-friendly streets

Friday, 27th May

Low Traffic Islington logo

‘I do not think that ‘people-friendly streets’ is a misnomer’

• I THINK the results of the local elections are pretty clear: the environment is as important as ever.

With some new Green councillors and the return of most of the Labour councillors, voters are showing they want more green and sustainable policies.

Let’s hope that Islington Council feel this push from their voters and get a move on with the roll-out of LTN, low traffic neighbour-hoods!

There is more information on about why these schemes are so good – for your lungs, for your mental health and for the climate.

Some people hate them, and some of the short-term issues with the roll-out have been bad; but hopefully, now, everyone is beginning to see the real advantages.

I do not think that “people-friendly streets” is a misnomer.


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