We are fearful about the traffic now in Liverpool Road

Friday, 7th February 2020

Highbury Corner

Mayor Sadiq Khan has his photo taken with politicians and officers who worked on Highbury Corner

Copy of a letter to Islington’s environment and transport lead Councillor Rowena Champion

DEAR Cllr Champion,

• Question: What is the difference between an Islington A road and a B road? Answer: There’s 50 per cent more traffic on the residential B road.

Since the gyratory system was completed at Highbury Corner, residents of Liverpool Road have been suffering from a massive increase in traffic.

The residential Liverpool Road is being used by an increasing number of vehicles avoiding Highbury Corner. As a result it has become far busier than the major A road Upper Street.

A tally of vehicle shows there is nearly 50 per cent more traffic including cars, vans and lorries travelling along Liverpool Road than on Upper Street; not to mention huge numbers of motorcycles and scooters.

It is unacceptable that traffic is being diverted from a major trunk road, managed by Transport for London onto a local road, one of Islington’s largest residential roads.

When we step out of our front doors, residents are faced with increasing noise and illegal levels of air pollution on a daily basis.

This is having a severe effect on the physical and mental health of many residents, causing respiratory issues for children and sleep problems for many residents with unprecedented levels of traffic early morning and late into the night.

The volume of traffic is making crossing the road increasingly dangerous and we fear for the safety of our children and those going to local schools.

The council needs to take action now. We ask that you start monitoring the increase of vehicles on our residential road so that traffic reduction measures can be implemented before a serious incident occurs.

Liverpool Road Residents’ Group

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