We must cut food waste and help feed those facing starvation

Friday, 13th May

Food waste

‘Over four million tons of food is wasted in a week’

• I WRITE to make Tribune readers aware of the growing numbers of people who are now facing starvation and fuel poverty.

The increase in food prices, added to the fuel price rise, has left many people stranded on the beach as the tide has gone back out. I was interested that you reported that 26,000 tons of food is wasted every day.

Three main points:

— We could give this food to people who are poor and on a fixed income like OAPs,
low-paid workers and those people on universal credit. Surely this would help reduce food waste and also provide food for people in need.

— Both Germany and France have regulations that food that can not be sold or is past the sell-by date can be given to the unemployed, pensioners, the poor or (anyone in need in France).

— There are people who are already collecting food that has gone unsold from cafés and give it to charities etc that can be used next day. So this is happening in some cases already.

Why is it not possible for the state to help with collecting the food that is now being wasted and help to use it to feed those who have been forced to go hungry.

A few rough calculations. Over four million tons of food is wasted in a week. We could feed over 403,229 more people a day if we did not throw away the food we waste.

We can do all this and it will cost the state very little if it is done by charities or volunteers. Surely it is worth considering.

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