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Friday, 1st July

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A list of reasons why the typical Islington street is so much less than what we deserve

DEAR Readers,

I compiled a list of reasons why the typical Islington street, with its traffic, parked cars, swathes of Tarmac, cracked, bumpy pavements and litter-blighted gutters and front gardens, is so much less than what we deserve and what we can afford.

— We have to reduce air pollution for the health of our children.

— We need to reduce traffic to make our streets safer from accidents.

— We must increase the amount of greenery to help nature adapt to climate change.

— We should have more nature around us for the benefit of our mental health.

— We must walk and cycle much more for the sake of the climate and our physical fitness.

— We need to grow more trees to suck up CO2 and reduce our climate impact.

— We have to reduce traffic to decrease noise pollution and make our streets more pleasant.

— We should have more space for buggies, wheelchairs, scooters, dog-walkers and hedges.

— We want to be aesthetically pleased by our streets, not in danger of getting depressed by the shabby concrete and Tarmac.

I think the LTN, low traffic neighbourhoods, from Islington Council are an excellent idea.

There is more information about them on the https://www.lowtrafficislington.org website and I would recommend everyone to contact their councillors and let them know that they support the idea.

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