Where are the urban planners for our city?

Friday, 3rd December 2021

• THE design and its implementation of replacing the gyratory at Highbury with an absurdist layout of roads, despite many rational and well informed critical voices, should be a lesson learnt.

It resulted in the most environmentally damaging and polluting intersection. The low traffic neighbourhood, LTN, now installed is compounding this unacceptable situation.

Locking residents into gated sections! Penalising drivers who turn the wrong corner! Adding to the isolation and deprivation of large sections of residents!

All traffic now forced on to fewer roads, creating endless pile-ups! Stopping and starting, creating dangerous levels of CO2.

London is energised by its history, its development during centuries, and giving its citizens the urban cohesion which is now at stake of being destroyed.

Where are the urban planners, the historians and qualified traffic experts to save us from this menace threatening to what is left of the London and its neighbourhoods?


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