Where was the election buzz?

Friday, 20th May

• CAN the forthcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations expunge unengaging, colourless, borough elections?

Is it any wonder that Bunhill ward polled the lowest turnout?

Where were the hustings, public meetings buzz, excitement and – wait for it – razzmatazz?

No wonder people turn off voting.

Was Vote 22 a warning to all political parties that disengagement – or is it disenchantment – from the public does not bode well in future local and general elections?

While Old Street lacks cinema, theatre, even a library, and is soon to lose its medical centre, there is no lack of vitality in its shops, cafés and restaurants, coupled with a “new-look” tube station.

Some sidewalk summer fashion shows and music parades would add glitz and glamour so lacking in the electioneering debacle. Let’s enliven communities.

Surely this fast-moving hub of change deserves a closer look from political parties in engaging the young and those who did not bother to vote.


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