Will having been a patient change the PM’s view of the NHS?

Friday, 17th April 2020

BORIS Johnson CORONAvirus

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Dear Islington Tribune staff

• ON behalf of Islington Keep Our NHS Public (IKONP), I want to thank you for your incredible generosity of spirit and determination both to keep the Tribune going in the midst of “Press Chaos” (April 10 issue) and for your investigative, campaign journalism.

As our local paper, you have tirelessly spoken up for us, the residents of Islington.

And now you are even doing things for us that are quite outside the norms of your work. Without you would we have known about the cuts that were once due to take place at the Whittington?

Without you we wouldn’t have had our campaign work covered as IKONP has tried to raise awareness and stop the transformation of our NHS into a broken up, privatised, service.

Your newspaper has published our reports on important public information, most recently on how local decision-making through the clinical commissioning group was being taken out of their hands.

Up until the pandemic hit us so heavily, IKONP was preparing its next campaign to illuminate to Islington residents the full extent of the rationing throughout our local health services.

For the three months since January, when the government could have been preparing for the pandemic, it was instead continuing with its dismantling of “Our NHS”.

I can only hope that now that Boris Johnson is out of hospital, having experienced what the NHS can, and does, always offer, he will have some sort of epiphany and decide that it is a service that should be saved.

That it should revert back to the days when it didn’t have to have an economic return.

Wishing you all well.

Chair, Islington Keep Our NHS Public

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