Winners and losers with TfL

Friday, 22nd July

Angel tube station closed

Angel tube station was closed due to the ‘unavail­ability of station staff’

• THANK you for covering the disgraceful Angel tube closures, (Staff shortages see Angel tube closed for third time, July 15).

Once again they were closed on Saturday. There was no sign up at the station I got on at and only an announcement from the platform at King’s Cross.

Quite clearly Transport for London see Angel as a soft touch and do not wish to share any pain caused by staff shortages. It is really hitting Angel businesses, especially those of us in the late-night sector.

We put up with loads of weekend closures years ago while they upgraded the line… then they did it again when they closed most of the branch (as we were struggling out of Covid-19).

And, to add insult to injury, when it did open Angel closed again. And don’t get me started on the long-promised Bank branch night tube.

It seems TfL are picking winners in terms of the parts of London they think should be served fully and those that just get the odd scrap. Keep up the good work holding them to account.

Club de Fromage/
Not Another Indie Disco

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