You can invest in a greener borough

Friday, 14th January

• I WOULD like to draw public attention to an opportunity to support the council’s efforts to make Islington greener and more sustainable.

Residents can lend the council money via a municipal investment “Islington Greener Futures” being organised by the crowdfunding platform Abundance Investment.

The intention is to borrow £1million which is to be spent on greening public buildings (that is, solar panels and LED lights), converting more of the council’s vehicles to electricity, more electric vehicle charging points, more School Streets, including green screens, and trees, and better recycling facilities for blocks of flats. This is all part of the effort to get to net zero by 2030.

Most of the money has now been raised, but the offer is still open until January 31, so if you would like to be part of the drive towards a less polluted Islington, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, please go to

There is a minimum investment of £5, the loan is for a five-year period, after which it is returned, and the interest rate is 1.55 per cent.

Please do not invest more than you can afford to lose, in case of unexpected disaster with the council’s finances!

As Cllr Caroline Russell suggested in the January 7 Tribune, Islington is doing a lot of good work to address the climate emergency but needs to do more (There’s still a long way to go but Islington is getting greener).

Islington Greener Futures is really worthwhile but is also an ideal chance to show the council how much you support tangible efforts to combat climate change, and thereby encourage them to take even more steps to help move away from fossil fuels.

Islington Green Party

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