Zelensky is mere window dressing

Thursday, 9th June

• THE Ukrainian government was the government of an independent state recognised by Russia when it was overthrown by a coup d’état headed by the far right.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president, a Jew, is mere window-dressing for them.

The forces of the coup d’état resented the existence of a Russian minority in the state and were intent on abolishing it in 2014. After eight years of being shelled, resulting in 16,000 Russian casualties, Russia decided to intervene.

Vladimir Putin had held back and it was only by the action of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the second largest party, in its rallying of the smaller opposition parties in the Russian parliament, that Putin and the United Russia party decided to act.

Throw whatever you like into the mix but it’s as simple as that.

Lulot Gardens, N19

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