Act fast! Cyclists call for traffic ban election pledge

Friday, 8th April — By Charlotte Chambers

Bike streets IMG_3392

Divya Sharma and Marcus Schodorf are calling for LTNs to be extended

CYCLING groups are calling on politicians to share their vision of a cycling utopia which would see all through traffic banned on any road that isn’t a main road.

Cycle Islington, the borough’s branch of the London Cycling Campaign group (LCC), has unveiled a series of five “asks” that they want politicians to adopt as part of their manifestos in the run-up to the May 5 council elections. If adopted, the pledges would see Low Traffic Neighbourhood’s (LTNs) extended to all roads except main roads.

They also want to see all main roads with protected bike lanes, and all deliveries such as Amazon or Waitrose, delivered to a main hub which then uses more sustainable ways such as cargo bikes to go the last distance of the journey. This would cut down on polluting vans and lorries chugging through the borough each day, activists say.

Eilidh Murray, of Cycle Islington, said climate change was the single biggest threat to civilisation. “There’s no urgency about it – climate change is not on the news,” she said.

“First there was Covid, which you can understand. Now you’ve got the war in Ukraine – there’s always something else that comes along and climate change gets pushed back. They need to adopt these ‘asks’ because we’ve got to reach our targets faster.

“You’ve got to get the pressure up – you’ve got to get the message out to people.

“Things have got to change because if we don’t – we’re done.

“It’s as serious as that, and I don’t think the message is necessarily getting through.”

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