Another side of Highbury Corner nightlife; Grape expectations in Upper Street

Friday, 13th January 2017 — By Ruchira Sharma

People Jacob-Eojarsi

AHSAN Sajid, 24, works in ST Food and Wine in Highbury Corner and has lived in Islington for two-and-half years after coming from Pakistan. “I find London really good,” said Ahsan. “Our shop is open 24 hours a day so we sometimes get trouble at night with drunk people. I get arguments about the prices of drinks as they don’t have enough money and they argue that they are locals and live here. Mostly people know me from around the area now, I know their faces as they come in every day and buy drinks.”

NICHOLAS White, 22, works at The Sampler wine merchant in Upper Street. “I graduated from university in May,” Nicholas said. “I’ve been studying the wine trade since I was 17 and then did wine science at uni but wanted to move into the retail side. I’ve been to châteaux in Bordeaux, California and Australia. I came to Islington with no expectations but I’m really impressed with how many bars and cafés there are here.”

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