Bayleaf the donkey is back – and she always draws a crowd

Donkey eeyores to church

Friday, 25th March — By Charlotte Chambers

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Naomi and Ethan, from Year 6, with Bayleaf the donkey

CROWDS gathered outside to watch a donkey lead an early procession through the streets of Islington. They gathered St Luke’s Church of England Primary school on Thursday.

In beaming spring sunshine, Bayleaf the donkey made her way to St Giles’ Church in Barbican. The donkey, who comes from Spitalfields Farm, has been visiting the Radnor Street School for almost 20 years as part of their Easter and Christmas celebrations.

Headteacher Ann Dwulit said: “As a Church of England school the Easter story is really important to us. Bringing Bayleaf here is our way of bringing the story to life and enabling children to remember it.” The animal is an important part of the Christian festival as Jesus made his entry to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday riding on a donkey.

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