‘Cockroaches mean I’m living in house of hell’

Friday, 3rd September 2021 — By Helen Chapman

Susan Oliver

Susan Oliver says she ‘feels sick’ when she sees a cockroach

A DISABLED woman says she is living in the “house of hell” because of a cockroach infestation.

Susan Oliver moved into Papyrus House, Wharf Road, in October last year after waiting on a rehousing list for 20 years.

She said: “I have had pest control round here six times and they said we can control it but we can never get rid of them. I have had to get the worktops replaced in the kitchen because they are all so uneven they are laying eggs in between them.

“I thought this would be my forever home but it is the house of hell.

“I dread to pull the fridge freezer out to see what is behind there. Whenever I see one I want to be sick because I associate them with filth.

“When pest control first came round they said they couldn’t see any evidence of them and I said that’s because I am scrubbing the place like mad. Now I leave traps out and when one gets caught I have to leave it until pest control come the next time. It’s disgusting.”

Ms Oliver said she has already requested to move homes because she lives in a third-floor flat despite ask­ing for a first-floor property due to her mobility issues.

Ms Oliver, who lives in the flat with her two daughters, said: “They let me move here under false pretences. It was a virtual viewing because of Covid. I have to go up six flights of stairs but I have chronic osteoarthritis. I won’t sit back and ignore all of this. If you are disabled, they will ignore you.”

A Peabody spokesperson said: “We have been working closely with Ms Oliver to try and resolve the issues at her home. We’re aware that she needs to move because of mobility issues, and she has been awarded medical priority. We have over 200 residents who are awaiting a medical move so unfortun­ately there is significant demand and it may be some time before a suitable property becomes available.

“As a short-term solution we offered Ms Oliver the option to move into alternative temporary accommodation which she has declined.

“We continue to do everything we can to support her in terms of repairing any faults and investigating and treating any other issues.

“We’re also in touch with the owners of the building and the managing agent in respect of services they deliver.”

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