Finding wellbing, great shops and pubs, and the colours of Persia in Holloway

Friday, 7th July 2017 — By Alastair Curtis

People_Vivien Yang

Vivien Yang, 31, has been managing Primo Herb wellness centre in Nags Head Centre, Holloway, with her husband for eight years. Holloway is, she says, a “good area” to raise her two children, aged two and four, because of the nearby GP surgery, nursery and primary school. She says the recent “terrorist attack in Finsbury Park has scared local residents” and that “there are more police on the streets now”. It has “definitely affected the number of customers coming to our shop,” she added.

Simona D’Armetta, 26, lives in Hampstead but currently works as a nanny for a family in Holloway. She left Palermo, Sicily, four years ago, moving to London because of the “better job prospects”. Though she misses the “good weather and good food back home”, she enjoys working near Holloway Road because it has “so many shops”. “There are lots of places to hang out, with pubs like Red Eye and The Swimmer,” she says.

Karim Karim, 50, has run Treasure Land furniture store in Holloway Road for 18 years. His shop attracts “diverse and friendly young professionals” looking for colourful Persian rugs, lights and decorations. He says that rents can be “high and unbearable” and that businesses are “in urgent need of more investment from the local authorities”. He adds: “We are suffering but we survive.”

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