Food donations: School pupils reach out to those most in need

Friday, 27th May — By Charlotte Chambers

EGA donations

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson pupils with some of the donated groceries

SOCIALLY minded students have managed to raise “three car boot-fuls” of food to donate to those most in need around their community after they launched a drive to collect food at their secondary school.

The Year 9 and 10 girls from the school council at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Donegal Street launched the drive after their head of year Shah Alom first came up with the idea five weeks ago.

A series of assemblies about it followed – and this week the donations rolled in thick and fast at the school.

Mr Alom said: “The students recognised the families that were struggling and they wanted to make sure that those who were struggling had a voice and were not left out and so they thought a food bank was a greater way to support people.”

Pupil Madiha Khan said she had experienced the pain of the cost of living crisis first hand after watching her parents sometimes struggle with covering the cost of meals.

She said: “In economics we’ve been learning about how inflation and environmental costs have really affected the public – the energy bills and the food markets having shortages – even personally I see my parents really struggle to make the meals so I’m very appreciative for these food banks and thankful for those who contribute.”

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