Green is the new black! Barnsbury hat-maker teaches tricks of ‘clothes for life’

Friday, 2nd August 2019 — By Emily Finch

Dorit Young_hatmaker

Dorit Young teaches people how to mend clothes: ‘We should not be buying and discarding but wearing for a lifetime’

A HAT maker from Barnsbury is combatting disposable fashion trends and promoting sustainability by teaching residents how to mend clothes they would have normally thrown away.

Dorit Young has spent the past 40 years stitching up ripped jeans and shirts to be re-worn. She never buys new clothes and gets everything from secondhand shops.

“The younger generation just don’t have a clue about how to look after their clothes,” said Ms Young.

“They don’t even know what kind of clothes they are buying and they don’t know anything about clothes labels.”

Ms Young, who designs elaborate hats for weddings and other special occasions, takes over a shop in Upper Street every fortnight to teach residents how to mend their beloved item of clothing. She said: “People have to change their mindset and rethink their connection to clothing. I want to teach people how they can wear their clothing for longer and extend its lifetime.”

Ms Young said she “hated” seeing young people pushed into fast fashion – a type of cheap and disposable clothing usually sold online – because it promoted waste. Online store Missguided sold black bikinis for just £1 this summer.

“All these companies putting out new and cheap stock every week makes it so confusing for the consumer. We should not just be buying and discarding but wearing for a lifetime,” she added.

Ms Young is looking to run more classes to teach residents how to mend clothes. To find out more email her at

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