Higher fish prices: the net result of Brexit

‘There are even some fish I can’t get anymore,’ says Chapel Market trader

Friday, 5th November 2021 — By Anna Lamche

Mack Naboulsi from Pure Fish

Mack Naboulsi at his stall

A FISHMONGER has been left reeling over surging fish prices this week.

In the latest chapter of the Brexit fallout, the UK and France has spent the last few weeks fighting over fishing licences, with France claiming 50 French fishing boats had been denied licences to fish in British waters.

With fears the row could overshadow the ongoing COP26 climate conference, attempts have been made to de-escalate the row, with Jersey issuing 49 licences to French boats on Monday.

Nevertheless, fishmongers buying fish from the continent have noticed prices rising since Brexit came into force.

“From France, you’ve got the sardines, you’ve got the red mullet, you’ve got the octopus as well. We’re talking about maybe £5 extra for a whole box,” said Mack Naboulsi, owner of Pure Fisheries in Chapel Market.

Sardines, which used to cost Mr Naboulsi £3.50 a kilo, now cost him £4.50 for the same amount.

“This £5 extra is a big difference. Some [boxes] are even £10 more.”

Since the divorce from the European Union came into force, Mr Naboulsi has noticed that the price of “Mediterranean fish has gone up a lot.”

Fish stocks have also become more scarce. “There are even some fish I can’t get anymore,” Mr Naboulsi said.

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