Prison site vow ahead of decision on overhaul

Housing association says it will seek backer for women’s building proposal

Friday, 4th March — By Charlotte Chambers

Holloway prison 08-PEABODY PIC of new design

PEABODY housing association has promised to “use our reasonable endeavours” to find a backer to pay for the women’s building planned for the Holloway prison site.

Councillors are due to meet on Tuesday to decide whether planning permission should be granted for a massive overhaul of the old jail. In a letter written days after its bid to turn the site into 1,000 homes was deferred, Peabody told the council they would “use our reasonable endeavours, to be secured under the section 106 agreement, to obtain external funding from other sources for these fit out works”.

In February the developer was told to go back to the drawing board on a number of key issues after objectors lined up to criticise their plan.

At the time, Peabody said they couldn’t afford to pay the nearly £3million it would cost to fit out the women’s building.

Instead, they had called on Islington to use money put aside for the refurbishment of council homes. Councillors on the planning panel were aghast, and sent Peabody away to rethink their ideas.

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