Puppeteer? Childminder? Both please!

Entrepreneur’s business took off during lockdown when she saw creatives out of work

Friday, 18th March — By Megan Morgan

Corrinna Bordoli

Corrinna Bordoli

A YOUNG female entrepreneur nominated for an award has described how a childminding business she started took off during lockdown.

Corinna Bordoli started the business in 2019 alongside her friend and business partner Lea Henry, after they noticed many creatives – painters, actors, and puppeteers – were out of work. They hit on the brainwave that parents would love their children to be taught how to draw while their babysitter cooked their dinner.

Whilst an arts student and a part-time babysitter, Ms Bordoli realised that parents enjoyed the energy and creativity she brought to the role – and she began to recruit fellow young under­employed creatives to keep up with the increasing demand for her services.

Ms Bordoli, 26, who began her CocoRio business with her friend Lea Henry, said: “Being surrounded by underemployed creative professionals who often turn to hospitality and retail work to pay their bills, we realised we could scale our part-time gig to a fully functioning agency soon turning to tech.”

She added that the business is currently working on an app to make their services “even easier to use”.

The agency was recently nominated for a series of awards.

With more than 200 creative sitters and in excess of 800 families on its books, the business has grown rapidly – meaning that this once part-time gig for both Ms Bordoli and Ms Henry has now turned into a fully functioning agency.

Ms Bordoli runs the business from her home off Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park.

The babysitting agency offers families the chance to roll up their sleeves and get painting or try their thespian accents with a spot of drama – and all before it’s time to get the children’s teeth brushed.

Among the babysitters on their books are multilingual musicians, actors and painters.

Ms Bordoli met Ms Henry while studying for an arts and cultural management masters degree at King’s College London.

“I have personally felt constantly out of my comfort zone and I’ve had to learn on the job to run a business and it’s been extremely rewarding,” she said.

She has been nominated as Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Biggest Growth of the Year by Club Hub, an online kid’s activities directory.

The award ceremony will be in May.

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