Why ‘people-friendly streets’ is a misnomer

Friday, 10th June

People Friendly Streets campaign

‘It will take a lot more than LTNs to make our streets people-friendly’

• I CANNOT agree with Adam Hardy (Voters embrace roll-out of the people-friendly streets, Letters, May 27) when he says he does not think that “people-friendly streets” is a misnomer.

It is absolutely a misnomer. It will take a lot more than LTNs to make our streets “people-friendly.” How about fixing the loose paving all over the borough? Or improving drainage to pavement areas? Or dealing with litter and dog poo more effectively?

And how can all the streets in Islington be called “people-friendly” when there are residential streets that now have heavier traffic and are more polluted than they were before low traffic neighbour-hoods were introduced?

The council was given a huge amount of money by the government in order to roll out the LTNs and that money could not be used for anything else.

The decision to create “people-friendly” streets was made long ago, and I do not believe that residents really had any say in the matter.

I would rather the council be up-front about their decisions and get on with things rather than waste time and money on ineffective activities.


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